Elections seem to spit out endless data, but you need to find the right angle and do it at speed, which explains why in this election we chose to focus on the candidate that came third

Map showing the % of voters in Portuguese Districts that chose the far-right candidate — by Oliver Carrington & Joao Silva
Don’t worry I will translate this! (chart by Oliver Carrington & Joao Silva using Datawrapper)

Find the right angle to pursue

We found out which cities took longer than others to stop commuting in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Covid-19 / coronavirus data visualization chart using CityMapper data. Created by Oliver Carrington and Joao Silva
Full dataviz created by myself, Oliver Carrington & Joao Silva

Parasite makes history winning Best Picture, but it also confirms a new trend in the foreign language category

Chart / data viz by Oliver Carrington & Joao Silva showing Oscar data for the Foreign Language Award

European dominance of the Best Foreign Language Oscar category

We created an interactive data viz tool to compare tennis success by country

First, how to use our tool ‘Grand Slam Stats’

  • women’s or…

London just celebrated Pride, but what can the data tell us about the different views of heterosexuals and LGBTQ Londoners?

Using data visualisation to take a closer look at voting patterns, strategic voting and LGBTQ rights in Eurovision countries

Which country ‘chooses’ the winner?

Films with only strong women do worse and the four nominations that make a Best Picture Oscar more likely.

The magic four nominations

A reason to travel


Oliver Carrington

Mostly data visualization. Also travel, mental health, LGBTQ & nonprofits. Impact Manager at Imperial Health Charity, writer for www.towardsdatascience.com

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